Talk. I'll listen.

It's been a long time since I've been here last time. Every time when I write something here I feel I'm a little bit different person. So many changes, so many people, so many ideas. I think I'm still growing up and learn how to be myself.

A year ago I've been thinking that life had shown me the way that I should follow, and I did it. I've learned so much, I've met so many great people, I have spent great time, and I think that was very precious year. Not only because of those great moments. It was valuable because now I know, that even when everything is telling you that something is the best for you, it cannot be good if you want something more. Even when you know that it's logically correct and you should do this. We cannot cheat ourselves. I can't cheat this little part of myself, that tells me that I should take the risk and jump to the deep water. And I will listen to myself. I can't be happy without it. I think it's the best time to understand that I can do what I should do, I can wait for better time, for love, for money, for life. But the real life and happiness is when we stop waiting for that, and we make the most of the moment we are in now.

I've been listening others for the whole life. Now it's time to start listening my soul.

Jacket: Amisu | Long top: New Look | Creepers: Deezee

8 komentarzy:

  1. Powrót w wielkim stylu. śliczne zdjęcia jak zawsze i cudownie napisane!

  2. Te Twoje włosy zawsze gdzieś na korytarzu było widać! :)

  3. Masz przepiękny kolor włosów

  4. cudowność!!! swietny dlugi top<3

  5. Nareszcie! Tak długo czekałam na twojego posta i w końcu się doczekałam :)
    Hugs, Oshina z oshinas.blogspot.com